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4 Reasons To Upgrade Electrical Panels And Its Upgrade Cost

Electrical panel is the heart of the electrical system of your home. It connects the electrical system of your home to the utility company’s power lines.

Sometimes it can be difficult to separate issues directly connected with your electrical panel and which are connected with your wiring system.

Before replacing your electrical panel, you should take a look at reasons why it has to be replaced.

Reasons to Upgrade Electrical

Below are some reasons to upgrade your electrical panel

1. Save Your Home

Basic reason to upgrade your electrical panel is to save your home. In case there is a malfunction in your electrical panel, this may cause a fire that may destroy your entire home.

2. Faulty Wiring Issues

Faulty wiring can be a major cause of fire in your home. Risk of fire from faulty wires can be detrimental to you and your family۔

Most wiring cannot meet code, and wire insulation and other materials deteriorate through years. Have an expert electrician look at wiring on your electric panel and throughout the house. And upgrade your electric panel with advice of an electrician

3. Old Electrical Panel

Old electrical panel is also the main reason to upgrade your electrical panel, because today’s homes need extra electricity than in previous years. Many homes have TV, Fridge, Air Conditions, and other electrical gadgets which need more electricity. Due to this, your old electrical panel can’t meet your electrical needs. So you should upgrade your old electrical panel.

When you have decided to upgrade your electrical panel, so now it’s time to consider how much does it upgrade electrical panel cost

4. Overcrowded Panel

Each electrical panel has a restricted area for breakers and a maximum power, in amps. Older fuse electrical panels usually supplied 60 amps, then standard breaker type panels at 100 amps.

Nowadays, for most new upgrades, 200 amps electrical panel is recommended. In case you have been called in to add new circuits to your add-on or rebuild project, you have to upgrade to a larger panel.

Upgrade Electrical Panel Cost 

A lot of homes, especially older homes, have electrical panels which cannot meet their electrical requirements. For instance, in case you have noticed that your lights are flickering or newly installed devices are not working at high performance, which means that your current electrical panel is too small and needs to be upgraded.

Upgrading from 80 amp or 100 amp panels to a 150 amp panel gives room for growth. Similarly, upgrading to a 200 amp panel permits you to feature new additions, garages, or many new devices without having to stress or overload the system. There are several ways you can upgrade your existing system.

In the following we mentioned a list to upgrade electrical panel cost. Take a look.

  • 100 amps $800 – $1,200
  • 150 amps $1,100 -$1,500
  • 200 amps $1,100 -$1,500
  • 400 amps $2,000 – $4,000

Replace fuse box with circuit panel $1,500 – $4,500

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