4 Tips for a Calm and Peaceful Bedroom for Your Kiddo

Maybe your sweet and sensitive son is having trouble falling asleep, or perhaps your happy and healthy daughter is a bit too revved up and overly active at times.

If these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time to update your child’s bedroom — where he or she spends a majority of their time both day and night — into something that’s more calming and peaceful.

As for how to go about doing this, consider the following ideas:

1. Focus on Calm Colors

Many young children’s bedrooms are a study in bright and loud hues. Vivid, primary colors are often found on walls, comforters, and accessories, especially if they’re inspired by a popular children’s TV show or movie. So, although your son may be delighted with his fire engine comforter and red accent wall, it may negatively impact his ability to relax at night. 

Generally speaking, you can’t go wrong with white as a base color and then muted pastels as accents. As an example, remove the colorful wallpaper borders and paint the main walls a beautiful cream color before adding touches of soothing blue, green, or light purple. When it comes to options for kid wall art, you can still go with images your child loves but in more muted and peaceful colors. For instance, llamas, bears, and/or vehicles in soothing shades of brown, off-white, and tan may serve as good options.

2. Try an Essential Oil Diffuser

Another effective way to create a tranquil bedroom for your kiddo is with the help of an essential oil diffuser. If you’ve ever used the power of lavender essential oil to feel better after a long and stressful day, you know how certain scents can truly impact your mood. Case in point: Rose, chamomile, lemon balm, and jasmine can also help to ease anxiety. Since some kids may prefer certain scents over others, work with your son or daughter to choose oils that also smell best, and then have your child help pick out a diffuser, just for him or her.

3. Ditch the Bright Lights

Yes, you want your child to have adequate light for online schooling, reading, and playtime. But experts say the type of lighting you choose will ultimately set the mood for the room. In that vein, avoid fluorescent lights like the plague and instead go with lights and bulbs that can be dimmed to fit the activity. If the room is on the warm side during the spring and summer, a ceiling fan that features a light with a controllable dimming feature is a good option. For year-round use, look for adjustable lights that can be turned up for school time and then down in the evening to serve as a nightlight.

4. Minimize the Clutter

Kids and clutter go together like peanut butter and jelly. But just as piles of magazines and junk mail on your coffee table can make you feel uneasy, the same thing can be true in your son or daughter’s room. Teach your kiddo to keep their space as clean as possible. For instance, remind them to put away books and toys when they’re done with them and use the dresser and closet for clothing, not the floor or back of a chair. Additionally, invest in some storage bins in calming colors that are easy for your child to access. This way, the room can be a fun play area during the day, but then transformed into a clutter-free and soothing space at night.

Your Child’s Room May Inspire You, Too!

Once you finish reorganizing your child’s room and notice he or she is much calmer and sleeping better, you may be inspired to redecorate your bedroom with some of the same tips. Like your kiddo, you may see and feel firsthand how soothing colors, scents, dim lights, and a clutter-free room can have a positive, tangible effect on your well-being.

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