5 Things Every College Kid Needs

One of the most emotional periods in a parent’s life is dropping their child off at college so they can progress successfully into adulthood. When your kid is in school, especially away from home, things change and it can be hard to cope. It is a part of life, however, and there really isn’t much you can do unless you have the ability to stop time. Since you don’t have a time machine, one way you can sleep at night is knowing that you prepared your child for the real world once you drop them off. If you are looking for gifts to give a child before they go off to school, you are in luck. Below are perfect gift ideas for your now college-age student.

Phone Stand 


A PUK phone stand is the perfect addition to anyone that is trying to multitask. These stands are a way for you to prop up your phone or tablet and they are very affordable. These devices come equipped with slots that could support up to three different styles of electronics. So you can use it for your iPad, tablet, or smartphone. Additionally, they come equipped with nonslip technologies and a cupholder built right in. So enjoy your favorite show, while you have one of your favorite delicious beverages.

A Planner

One of the main things kids need to learn is how to stay organized which is why planners are crucial. If your child is going off to school and you want to make sure they get to class on time and make all of their appointments, you could get them a planner. For the more budget cautious parent, you can get an affordable planner that your child will be sure to love.      

Swell Bottles 


Over the years, people have started catching onto Swell Bottles, and for a good reason.  They can stay warm or cold for up to 12 hours. You can also sleep well at night with the knowledge that you are getting an environmentally friendly version of a plastic cup for your child.  There is nothing better than having a cold sip of water when switching from class to class, so be sure to look into these bottles when shopping for your college-age child. 


Bluetooth Headphones 


You have probably seen Airpods because it seems like everyone is wearing them. People are wearing them for a good reason. In the past, earbuds came equipped with a large rope that could easily be tangled. Airpods however offer you a wireless experience that is certainly an upgrade from the past. Also, there are many other Bluetooth headphones available for purchase right now. The Bose headphones, for example, offer noise-canceling software that is so high quality, you can’t even hear anything other than silence. 


Mattress Topper 


Money can be tight for your college-aged student. Chances are, they spend a lot of time in school and don’t have the time to dedicate to work and safe up for something like an expensive mattress.  Instead of allowing your child to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress that could potentially cause some back pain, you should invest in a mattress topper for them.  Mattress toppers are a good temporary alternative to buying an expensive mattress, 


You can’t plan for everything, but you can take some measures to improve your student’s chances of success. Make sure they go off in style, but also make sure they have all the best essentials. After all, college is an investment, and you want to make sure that they’re equipped to maximize that investment to the fullest. Be sure to check in with your child and ask them just exactly what they need to make them comfortable in school.