8 Different Styles of Handbags

Let’s explore the 8 different handbag styles and make sure the bag you are working with is working for you!

It is always hard to walk away from so many different leather hand bags, knowing you have the right bag for the right job. That’s right… JOB, if that bag isn’t working for you, you need to find the one that does! Here is a list of the eight most popular handbags and the jobs they are the best at doing.

The Shoulder Bag-

Usually flat and rectangular, these bags can come with long straps or short handles. Some even come with both. These bags also range in size, sometimes even referring to any bag worn over the shoulder. A broad term for some, but these original bags are great for many occasions depending on size, style, and durability.

Tote Bags-

They go by many names, including Shoppers Bag, Executive Bag, and so on. The point of these bags is to fit items you need effortlessly and anywhere. This bag is usually a plain bag with a simple design, heavy-duty, and spacious, with a larger capacity than most bags. Suitable for anywhere, the Tote Bag can be used for anything from groceries in the city, towels on the beach, and snacks on a picnic.

Hobo Bags-

These adorable little bags get their names because they are bohemian style, slouchy shape. Hobo Bags are medium style bag that are generally carried day-to-day. The slouchy style is also comfortable to wear as the fabric hugs your body, and with the right design, can also perfect for a night out on the town!

Clutch Bags-

Clutch Bags, Wristlets, and Evening Bags all fall under this category. Except for the wristlet, they are the same bag, and the difference in the wristlet is a small strap you can slip around your wrist. Clutches commonly refer to a small bag that is relatively simple and elegant. For a black-tie event or a wedding, your Clutch is not just an accessory; it’s a part of your outfit.

The Satchel-

Satchels hit the sweet spot between a Clutch and a Tote. Usually, right in between, the Stachel is a popular choice for working women. Medium-sized and usually an assortment of pockets, so you can not only hold everything you need, you can have it organized as well!

Crossbody Bags-

These bags have the most extended straps out of all the others. Usually, a small to medium sized purse with a strap allows you room to wear it across your body. These bags are great for those who are active and on the go regularly.

Doctor’s Bag-

No, you do not have to be a doctor to carry this bag, but we are qualified either way as women. I know I have kissed my fair share of boo-boos. These bags are generally on the large size, some even meeting the same sizes as the Tote Bag. With a hard bottom and small thick straps, this bag can sit upright on its own, and just like many of the others, can be worn from pajamas to dress, depending on the style and the outfit.

Backpack Bag-

As you could imagine, these Backpack Bags range from the sizes of a basic backpack to a clutch with shoulder straps. Two straps that reach around the shoulders differentiates this bag from all the others. More pockets equipped on the inside and out are usually also a signature of this style. Great for day to day, active life, or even a night out on the town.

With so many different styles, fabrics, and designs, it is possible to find the perfect bag for you! Remember, you also want this bag to work for you for as long as possible, so you want a good quality bag. I know its hard to choose! That’s why a lot of us have one of each!

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