An economical guide to design your own wardrobe

Most of the time, getting ready for an event or going outside can be frustrating because we aren’t sure about what to wear. To look presentable, it isn’t necessary to buy expensive designer clothes. One can use online available discounted promo codes to buy beautiful clothes, hand bangs, jewelry, skin care products and accessories.

The way we dress up, communicates our personality type to other people. It is imperative to dress up properly in order to leave a pleasant impression on other people’s mind. But most of the people never bother to design their own wardrobe. Here is a basic and economical guide to design your own wardrobe.

1. Personality type 

 Sometimes, we end up buying useless products just because everyone else is buying them. So, It is crucial to have a record of one’s own thoughts, choices, preferences and ideas. Rather than jumping on the bandwagon, we should only purchase those clothes which suit us better. It is good to have an armour that is filled with clothes one dearly admires. 

2. Body type

  • We all have different body types and not every dress is made for us. 
  • Write your height, weight and waist size on a paper. 
  • Try out different dresses of unique styles and analyze what suits you the best according to your body type.

3. Jewelry 

If you have right jewelry at hand then no matter what are you wearing you would catch every eye through your style. 

  • Purchase good quality jewelry that you can wear again and again without hesitation.
  • Have a proper jewelry books with different sections in it
  • Try to avoid buying tawdry jewelry.

4. Color matching 

Color matching is crucial while designing outfits. 

  • Don’t wear colors that make you look gaudy and messy. 
  • Take note of the color combinations of your dresses prior to buying them.
  • Arrange your dresses according to their colors, it would help you to select them easily.

5. Learn tailoring skills 

Buy a little tailoring and sewing equipment at home. According to the latest fashion, alter the style of your previous dresses and turn them into new ones through a little effort. It is a bit difficult but it is worth it to learn the art of tailoring.

6. Personal design 

Don’t just always mimic the popular fashion trends: We all have a signature style that is our symbol and make us unique and differently beautiful. So, if you want to have a unique look in a crowd then you should personally and creatively design your style.

7. Shoes and handbags 

 It is said that shoes are the most noted part of our personality so it is good to select them wisely. Always invest money on shoes and handbags because they make you look presentable 

  • Fashion isn’t at all about wearing uncomfortable things. Always buy comfortable shoes that you can easily wear on a daily basis.
  • Have a separate cupboard for your hand bags and shoes.
  • Make a list of all your matching shoes, jewelry, bags and dresses.

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