Best Bathroom Mirrors for Your Home

Young gorgeous woman in white dress thoughtfully brushing her hair near mirror in bathroom

‘Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the fairest of them all?’ 


We grew up watching and hearing fairytale stories. The evil stepmother utilized the mirror to its full potential. That’s what WE do! We look into the mirror, admire our image, and try to look more attractive. All of us are attracted to what we see in the mirror!


Before you step out for work, you spend a good 10-15 minutes in front of the mirror. No, we are not talking about women who spend an hour in front of the mirror. Since you spend at least 30-40 minutes in front of the mirror, it should be fantastic.


The bathroom mirror is the most important one. That’s where we spend our mornings and evenings (after we are back from the office).


We have listed some of the options out there. Let’s take a look at the best bathroom mirrors for your home.


What’s the size of your bathroom?


Before you choose a bathroom mirror, please consider the size of your bathroom. Is it a small one or a big one?

If you are living in an apartment, the bathrooms are not as huge as you would find one in a mansion. But, you can utilize that space and find a minimalistic bathroom mirror.

The mirror does not have to be gigantic. Some people like placing a full-length mirror in their bathroom, but it is good to invest in a mirror that goes above the basin area.


What are the shapes available in the shopping world?

Round wall mirrors or something which hangs from the ceiling look classy. An Oval Rustic Bronze mirror would look fabulous in a home that embraces antique furniture pieces.


The oval wall mirrors are quite trendy. They look antique, and most of the bathroom would look great with this specific shape mirror.


Framed V/S Frameless Mirrors


Some of you may fancy a frameless mirror because it blends with contemporary decor. But, you can also check out framed options.


The frameless mirror takes up less space because there is no frame attached to it. Perhaps it looks cleaner too.


We believe that people have different tastes, so we leave it for them to decide.


A beveled edge looks so much classier. If you are looking for something popular, opt for a round frameless bathroom mirror. These look artistic, beautiful, and elegant.


The Fancy Bathroom Mirrors


When you step out for shopping for mirrors, you will find embellished mirrors too. These have stones, beads, and other works that you would love.


If you are someone who likes to embellish their bathroom, these fancy bathroom mirrors would be a good addition to your perfect home.


Let’s not forget that bathrooms are also accessed by guests. Most of us keep our home tidy and pretty just to get an appreciation for our taste. That’s not a bad thing, really!

Bathroom mirrors should be well-matched with the interiors of your home and the wall color of the bathroom.


Antique mirrors are quite a lot in demand. Check out the Venetian style mirrors. They have a touch of elegance and royalty. If you install these in the bathroom, you will feel like a royal king or queen.


Concluding Thoughts


There is no correct answer to the following question – What is the best bathroom mirror for your home? But, we believe that you should opt for a mirror that goes with the walls of the bathroom.


Moreover, you should pick something that fits on the wall. Do not buy something overly huge because it could kill a lot of space. Make sure you purchase the right bathroom mirror. Mirrors can greatly impact a space. A way to know the entire secrets to professionally utilizing it is through an Interior Design Course. Consider adding it to your list of skills so you can use it for your home or your clients.