Best Eco-Friendly Furniture

How great would it be to consider our environment while getting new furniture? Wonderful with Whom furniture’s high quality built, designed and functional pieces made in America. Sustainable everything is where things are moving. With sustainable furniture as an option the benefits of saving our planet and doing your part are seriously growing! And there is everything to gain with fabulous eco friendly pieces from Whom custom furniture. Doing things like reforistation, utilizing sustainable power sources, and worker support to lessen our carbon footprint are all priorities of the company. Beautiful furniture made with beautiful purpose is a great mantra that sums up the mission.

Let us talk about the quality and design of it a little further and start with the living room. The living is a staple in any house and everyone deserves the best in comfort and style, especially in this room. Wow yourself, your family, and friends with a fashionable look and amazing comfort. Nothing lends itself more to the overall living room appeal than a fine sofa! And matching or perhaps accenting comfortable and impeccably designed side chairs.

Lounge chairs and ottomans are a bonus in any room of the home. They are obviously nice in the living room however great in places like the bedroom for sitting and putting shoes on. Or maybe one these gorgeous fin crafted benches would do the trick. They can even be used in the office to create a separate little area to relax. Taking a few minutes in the office to chill after a morning of intense work and calls, may be necessary to improve your mood and productivity.

The dining room is another fav place for sustainable furniture. And why not dine like king or queen at a beautiful wood crafted table? Whom makes the most incredible tables and chairs for doing just that while working hard to keep it all sustainable, made in America with gorgeous items and finishes, woods, and cushions materials to select.

Bedroom furniture is critical to an enjoyable life. Let us face the reality that the entire day can hinge on a good night’s rest. Custom and sustainable bedroom furniture is a good investment, and one that will last for decades with Whom furniture. These bedroom sets are built to last the test of time.

Pet beds are unique and can be not only very comfortable for your pets. They can be nice to the look, made from finer woods, with things such as linen cushions and out right stylish. Whom’s pet beds look more like an art piece than a pet bed. Super cute and a comfy, cozy great looking place for your favorite pet to take a nap.

Decorative art can make or break any space. Choosing the right kind of art for every space is beyond important. The appeal of fine art and hanging it properly sets the tone for it all as an amazing accent to all furniture pieces.

It is unbelievable to consider that all Whom furniture from pet beds to art, tables, beds and sofas along with everything they create is being done from a sustainable perspective. Eco friendly, woods made in North America, and ships in half the time. That is unreal for custom pieces of made furniture to ship in like a few weeks or so. Recycle, recycle, recycle is our statement by taking in tens of thousands of pounds of plastics, each and every week while recycling it. The building of each piece of furniture is custom to the order, for every tree used to build furniture this company replants 40 trees. Unreal again! And if that is not enough it is so hard to believe Whom actually picks it’s people up in vans to help reduce, crush and degrease carbon monoxide along with greenhouse gases. Helping to protect the world environment is so freakin awesome.