CBD and Recovery

CBD and Recovery

Is there nothing the marijuana plant can’t do? The world is once again waking up to the many medicinal benefits of cannabis, or specifically its elements THC and CBD. Now, there are plenty of ways of enjoying the restorative and healing powers of the plant without getting high, that sensation only happens when THC is involved. However, CBD oils, creams, and tinctures have such a minimal amount of THC, it’s as if it’s not even there, and has helped such a wide range of people with anxiety, injury recovery, pain relief, and general well-being. So, let’s not brush of the powers of CBD just because it comes from cannabis. Instead rejoice that this plant is so incredibly multipurpose and sustainable and see how it can improve tour life!

1) CBD Pain Relief

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is made from marijuana seeds and hemp, and binds to receptor cells when entering the body, triggering a variety of processes that protect our neural network while the body is regulating, strengthening the immune system, and relieving stress. CBD is a great tool and alternative to pain relief, as it influences vanilloid receptors and adenosine, both of which are responsible for pain regulation. It is already being used by a wide range of athletes and physically active people who suffer from muscle aches and joint stiffness. Instead of reaching for over-the-counter painkillers or opioids, which can be addictive and can cause so many long-term problems, CBD comes in a variety of consumable tinctures and tablets, or creams and ointments. This means this version of pain relief can help with general pain internally or can be applied to specific areas for more focused pain relief.

2) CBD As Anti-inflammatory

Inflammation is a natural and necessary response for muscle recovery after strengthening and training. However, inflammation in excess, discourages the recovery process and slows it down, affecting the immune system and causing discomfort and pain. Inflammation also occurs with most physical injuries or digestive conditions. Worry not, for CBD is here to save the day. Cannabinoids reduce cytokine, the substance that escalates inflammation in the body, therefore helping your body recover faster.

3) CBD As an Immune Booster

We already know that homeostasis (body regulation), stress recovery, and immune system balance are all processes CBD helps trigger in the body. That alone is a massive immune booster, these are important processes that keep our health in check. But CBD also provides an immune boost through other benefits. By reducing bodily inflammation and numbing pain, CBD removes a lot of the distress athletes and people feel during recovery, whether from injuries, strain, or other causes. Additionally, CBD has a relaxing component that is incredibly helpful for rest and sleep, two very important things for recovery and general health alike. Lastly, CBD has an effect on our serotonin levels, the key hormone that improves our mood and balances our well-being and feelings of happiness. Imagine our quality of life with better sleep, less stress, improved general happiness, and better wellbeing. That sounds like one massive immune booster to me.

If this isn’t convincing enough on why CBD should be a necessary substance in your life, there is so much more that CBD has to offer such as mental health benefits, specifically for people who suffer from anxiety and depression, heart health, and diabetes prevention. Additionally, research on CBD is constantly showing new and exciting benefits. However, for the every-day person, CBD essentially works like all our over-the-counter painkillers, opioids, and NSAIDs, without the horrible and unpredictable side effects and is incredibly safe to consume, so why not try?

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