Different Types of Wax for Your Car

Looking to make your car shine like new but are unsure what wax will work best for you? Can’t decide between a more traditional car wax like carnauba or a ceramic coating? No problem, here’s a list of the three different types of car wax to help you decide. 

  • Carnauba wax
  • Synthetic wax
  • Ceramic coating

Carnauba Car Wax

This wax has been around much longer than automobiles have and is probably the most common type of car wax. As an environmentally friendly option, Carnauba is heat and water-resistant. It is also simple to use, so no professional help is needed. 

This tough wax keeps your car shining, but requires frequent applications. Every six to eight weeks to be exact if you want it to be at its best. 

Different Forms of Carnauba Car Wax

Carnauba wax is available in three different forms.

  • Paste
  • Liquid
  • Spray

Paste wax is a bit trickier to apply but offers better protection than liquid and spray waxes. 

The liquid wax will give you a longer-lasting shine with a smooth finish, but be careful because sometimes liquid waxes are too abrasive for your car. 

Spray wax is easily applied but doesn’t have very long-lasting effects. 

Synthetic Car Wax

Synthetic car wax is a chemical mixture of different polymers that bond with the car paint. This allows for longer-lasting protection accompanied by a deeper shine. Up to twelve months of protection from a single application.

This wax is also easier to apply and more durable than Carnauba since it is designed to stay chemically bonded on top of the paint longer than traditional Carnauba. 

Synthetic wax’s main downfall is that it does not provide as deep of a shine as the other waxes.

Different Forms of Synthetic Car Wax

This wax comes in three different forms as Carnauba does. 

  • Paste
  • Liquid
  • Spray

Ceramic Coating

Although not a wax per se, this coating is comparable. As a chemical polymer solution that bonds to the outer layer of your paint, this coating delivers an intense shine.

Advantages of Ceramic Coating

This coating can last anywhere from two to five years. Professionally done, it can even last the lifetime of the car. 

Offering great UV protection, this coating protects your vehicle from water, bird poop, acid rain, etc.

Due to its water-resistant nature, this coating protects against water spots from natural drying and offers a much quicker washing and drying process overall. 

Disadvantages of Ceramic Coating

However, ceramic coatings tend to be more expensive than traditional waxes. You can make your own ceramic coatings but they are not as durable. 

The detailed process of applying the coating can require professional assistance as well. Professionals often have much better results leaving you with a longer-lasting shine though. 

Ceramic coating also requires that your vehicle stays out of the elements for a certain amount of time after applying. This can of course be a problem for people who need to use their vehicle. 

Forms of Ceramic Coating

Professional ceramic coating comes as a liquid, however, you can make/buy DIY coatings that are spray or paste. 

Picking The Right Type of Wax for You

If you’re a car enthusiast who goes to car shows, then the traditional Carnabua is probably right for you.

If you’re a person who uses their vehicle often, then synthetic car wax is probably for you.

Say you have a lot of time and money, the ceramic coating maybe something for you to look into. 

Whether you care more about shine or durability, regularly maintaining your car with wax will keep it looking great for you. 


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