How InventHelp Has Helped People Upgrade Their Business

Have you ever wondered about making a great invention or perhaps upgrading your business or startup to a professional level? Let’s just be honest. We all have been there. Every passionate mind thinks of making the world of innovation of greater quality. But what seems amiss? 

Proper guidance.

Yes. Maybe you have seen something that is not on the market but could be a great benefit to others but do not know how to take the first step towards reality.

No worries. Be surprised to learn about how businessmen, entrepreneurs and startup owners have started with a simple idea and decided to use InventHelp as their ultimate source of guidance.

Many people either intentionally or by accident become powerful entrepreneurs through a variety of simple or complex business strategies. InventHelp, however, allows you to take advantage of an all-in-one package so that you do not have to go through the hassle of hiring top writers, graphic illustrators, attend tiresome trade shows or submit your ideas to companies. It is just like going to a big mall and getting everything you need from one single shop. Exciting, isn’t it?

For those who are just starting out their business, the cost of hiring individual companies to package and display your product can be a lengthy as well as costly process. 

If you are still looking for proper evidence before taking the chance, we present you with some of the greatest inventions made by InventHelp.

So let’s dig in.

Cord Charmer

Most of us have smartphones that need to be charged every few hours. This also means that somewhere in your house you probably have a mess of cords. For this, InventHelp has come up with this amazing invention we call cord charmer. This simple yet insightful creation gives you a chance to replace your current outlet cover plate on a standard plug. It consists of a small shelf directly under the wall plugs that is designed to hold a mobile phone or other mobile-shaped devices. This means that you can do multitasking and socialize all at the same time. It also has a chamber that hides unsightly cords. The idea is to save people precious counter and floor space as well as cut down on damaged devices due to cord tips. It is portable and unique which makes its use very popular today. 

Perfect Pan

We all love cheesecakes but what we love more is the presentation and the perfect cheesecake shape. Perfect pan was created out of the desire to have a better cheesecake pan so that you do not have to use the second pan for achieving the perfect shape. Not only this but it excels at searing, sautéing, browning, steaming, stir-frying and even deep frying.  The inventor made the pan so that it bakes the cheesecake evenly with the use of a bit of water on the bottom. In addition, it eliminates the need for a second pan. By the inventor simply trying to make life easier, it turned into a new business adventure during retirement. The Perfect Pan brochure was submitted to Chef’s Planet, based in New York.

Perfect Hanger

This inventor took the standard hanger and made it adjustable. it can be made wider and narrower depending on the type of garment piece. The idea behind the Perfect Hanger is to have the ability to use it for any hanger and eliminate hanger impressions that so often happens. Since there are no creases or impressions, there is also no need for ironing prior to wearing the garment. The material is made strong and sturdy so that even heavier jackets and coats fit perfectly on the hanger. 

Consultative Development

While this is not your usual brick-and-mortar invention, it is an invention nevertheless by an app development company Arkenea. They created this new development process that aids new or first-time entrepreneurs create web and mobile applications in a consultative development process. Since the world is shifting to mobile-friendly technology, it is important to design applications which fall under the compatibility with a mobile phone. This assists them to create a robust software product and eventually an unbeatable business. 

Mini Firefighter

We all have fire extinguishers in our homes but not all of us are aware of its usage. In some buildings, the extinguisher is placed outside covered in glass which may take a while when needed to use because if there is a small fire, it spreads relatively faster. This Mini Firefighter, as the name suggests, is a small can about the size of a hairspray which is used to combat small fires. Unlike conventional fire extinguishers, all you have to do is just point and spray. It has a foam like substance that expands over thirty times the original size within fifteen seconds of spraying it. Yes! it gives instant results. It is ideal for kitchen use where small fire accidents are most likely to occur. Apart from that, it can also be used for car engines and just about anywhere else there is a small fire. This is perfect for homes where a large fire extinguisher is not needed or not readily accessible.

Total Tie Keep

This invention is especially made for men who are in the habit of wearing ties with their power suit. Many men wear neckties and the rear side of the tie tends to fly loosely which can cause a lot of problems. Also, it does not look as sharp as when it is straight and flat against the sharp. The Total Tie Keep is your perfect catch. It helps to keep the rear necktie securely and neatly in place via a button holder. It looks neat and resolves the problem of a crooked or fly-away rear side of the tie without making you feel uneasy or uncomfortable.

Soft Search Technology

When applying for loans, the direct lender has traditionally hard checked the user’s credit and left notes which can be a hindrance to creditors if an individual has to apply to multiple lenders before being accepted. This is because every time there’s a hard credit check on your credit file, it looks like you have taken out multiple loans or financing as it would not say if you were approved or not on your credit file. Sites like New Loans have created Soft Search Software that helps people with all types of credit find and the cheapest lender likely to say yes without checking their credit file.


Regardless if you are just a beginner in playing baseball or want to achieve better aim and control of the bat, the SwingMaster was designed to help. It is a belt worn around the waist with a cable that runs through it and attaches two wristbands. In addition, the belt adjusts easily so it can be worn by younger players and adults. It helps to keep the player in the best swing position. It also helps the player make a shorter swing while increasing the velocity of the bat. In addition, it helps to keep the batman in position for the strike area zone and helps strengthen the muscles used in this activity including biceps, hands and wrists. So this is perfect to teach your kids a baseball game on a sunny Sunday afternoon. 

The above mentioned inventions are a living proof that InventHelp helps people to achieve their goals and make their business more dynamic.

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