How Shampoo Can Help Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Loss is a problem that has become more frequent in recent times. There can be several reasons for it. Do you know that two out of every three males face hair loss before the age of 35? Yes, that’s true. If you are also one of those two, it’s nothing to be surprised about. Do you know what the actual cause of hair loss is? If yes, that’s great, and you will know it now if you don’t know it. A Hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) leads to hair loss. It causes the shrinkage of hair follicles, and there becomes a stage when they fail to grow further. So, to stop the loss of hair with hair loss shampoo, you need to block this hormone.

What is the meaning of Hair Loss Shampoo?

You must have seen or heard about hair loss shampoos. These are the shampoos that claim DHT’s blockage, stop thinning of hair, and reduce all other factors that eventually cause hair loss. Some of the favorite shampoos that serve this purpose are:

  • groMD
  • Nioxin
  • Revita
  • Redkin

Do the hair loss shampoos work?

Hair Loss shampoos claim numerous such things that seem miraculous and hard to believe. The experts say that hair loss shampoos do not cause miracles. The quality of hair and the cause of hair loss help determine if the shampoo will prove beneficial or not.

Hair Loss Shampoos are the most effective for the hair loss caused by either seborrheic dermatitis (commonly known as dandruff) or psoriasis-which is a skin disease. These two conditions cause inflammation, and hair loss shampoos can treat the hair loss caused by inflammation. But there are also some limitations to it. Not all the shampoos present in the market that claim to treat hair loss are clinically tested and medically approved. They may contain some harmful ingredients. So, you cannot use shampoo just because it claims to reduce hair loss.

In the case of hair loss caused by inflammation, only the shampoos contain effective ingredients to treat inflammation. So, it would be best if you had medical consultation and should use medically approved shampoos to reduce hair loss.

What are the ingredients that should be considered while buying a hair loss shampoo?

It’s not always about the efficiency of a product, but the ingredients present in it. It would help if you were mindful of the following elements while buying a shampoo for yourself.

  • Zinc
  • Keratin
  • Biotin


The deficiency of Zinc can also result in the loss of hair; therefore, always look for a shampoo containing Zinc to prevent hair loss.


Keratin is a natural protein. There are various keratin treatments in the market that improve the health of the hair. Healthy hair is less likely to be lost than unhealthy ones.


Biotin accelerates the production of keratin and also works to improve hair growth.

Products Recommendations

The following products are highly recommended if you are facing severe hair loss.


It contains hairgenyl, planoxia, redensyl, and capixyl. All these ingredients work together to prevent hair loss and keep hair in the place where they belong. This also works in the blockage of DHT, thus eliminating the root cause of hair loss.

Revita- Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo

This shampoo works on the hair follicles and revives the natural hair growth. It works efficiently on the scalp as well. This promotes hair growth.

Final Verdict

Hair loss shampoo may work in some cases, but you should not expect them to cause miracles. The process takes time so, don’t be too eager to get the results.

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