How To Fix Damaged Hair

How To Fix Damaged Hair

Damaged hair are a big NO. We all want to style our hair and curl them when we are going out with the girls, but the after-effects aren’t something we are prepared for.
It’s when we see our hair drying up, getting frizzy, and thing and tangles all the time that we realize how harmful all the styling was for our hair. But it’s not easy to give up styling our hair, especially when you see a new trend every day.

We’ve Got Your Back
There are multiple ways you can give your hair their naturally smooth and silky look back, but it would require consistency and hard work.
We have listed for you some of the most effective ways for damaged hair repair

1) Freshen Up Your Hair
If you have noticed your hair is drying up and losing its moisture, look at the ends of your hair. The reason for your hair losing your moisture is that you have split ends. The best solution for this is to trim your split ends. You can trim your split ends at home and even visit a salon for this.
2) Use Homemade Masks
You can use homemade masks to fix your hair. These masks are made easier with all the things you have available at home, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on them, and the results will be astounding.
A) Avocado Mask Mix avocado with end and apply it to your hair. Both avocado and egg are rich in minerals and other components that are very healthy for your hair.
B) Banana Mask: Take one banana or two, depending on the length of your hair. Add some olive oil to it and a bit of yogurt. Put these ingredients into the blender, make sure you blend them well until it looks like a paste, and then apply that paste gently on your hair and scalp.
You can also try out other masks and make masks of your own; the best thing about these homemade masks is that you don’t have to worry that there might be chemicals in them that can damage your hair even more. Because of all the things, you make them healthy and strong. How great!

3) Avoid Styling Your Hair
Saying no to your straightener and curlers is a very difficult thing to do. But if you want to see the best results for all the remedies you have been trying, you need to avoid things that can damage your hair. Once you get the desired results, you can go back to your routine, but even then, you need to keep in mind that styling your hair is the first step towards the road to damaged hair.

4) Be Gentle With Your Hair
When you wash your hair and use shampoo, you need to be gentle with your hair, which means you need to apply shampoo slowly without rubbing your hair harshly. Other than that, when you have to dry your hair, it is advised that you don’t use bath towels as they can damage your hair. It is better to use a t-shirt to slowly and gently dry your hair.

Suppose you have tried these remedies in the past, and they haven’t worked for you. In that case, you need not worry firstly you can try out other remedies and even when they don’t work you should visit a profession so they can figure out the reason behind your damaged hai and treat it in a professional manner which is bound to give good results.

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