How to Have a Cool Backyard Party?

Have you been thinking of organizing a backyard party lately? The outdoors proves to be one of the most welcoming and easy ones to tweak here and there. Space sizes might vary, but with outdoors, it is never a challenge to put together a few things that will make your party epic. Your ideal outdoor party should be an embodiment of thoughtful outdoor décor, exciting activities, plenty of food, sufficient seating space, lots of drinks, and of course, the best outdoor lighting. We shall throw your way a few tips on how to have a cool backyard party.


Seating Arrangement

An outdoor party is ideally meant to be a lively one with minimal “sit-downs.” However, that does not mean you avoid seats altogether. It would be fun to mix your regular patio furniture with some causal outdoor stools and poufs. It should, however, never come as a surprise when you notice some of your guests turning anything into a seat. An outdoor party is meant to be an informal one. Clean the stairs and deck before the party since these will be utilized as well.


Capitalize on Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting serves two purposes; functional and decorative. Therefore, choose well your outdoor lighting. We have found rave lights to be perfect for outdoor parties. They create a romantic mood and will accentuate your overall outdoor décor.


Decorate your Outdoor Space

Perhaps this may seem unnecessary since your outdoor space is already decorated by the vibrant blooms, the pool, and lush greens. However, it is necessary to add a few decorations here and there to bring out your desired theme. Minimalist decorations such as the placement of flowers on the buffet table, along the stairs, or on the side tables can suffice. You can even use mini lights wrapped around mature trees to create a delightful forest appearance. Ensure you also keep off annoying insects such as mosquitoes by using scented candles and insect repellants.


Meals and Drinks

A buffet is preferable while hosting an outdoor party. Guests should be allowed to mingle and eat together at the same time. You can convert your outdoor dining table into a buffet. Dinnerware should be well-arranged for easy access and exit from queues. Stock up your buffet table with enough plates, flatware, and napkins to avoid any inconveniences once the party begins.


Meals should be available in various options to cater to those with special needs. For instance, vegan options, gluten-free dishes, and many others. Avail of different drink options as well. Set up a drinking station in the backyard. Convert one of your dining benches to a drinking station. Provide paper cups or acrylic glasses for drinks and also include water dispensers for your guests to stay hydrated.


You will need strategically placed trays as well to make it easy to collect used kitchenware. Provide enough bins for collecting trash as well. This will make your work much easier later on.


Gaming can add some fun to your outdoor party. Select games for both adults and kids. Set aside a kids’ area where they can play kid games such as blowing bubbles, Slip and Slide, Beach balls, a Sprinkler, or water guns. You can also allow kids to use the pool area under watch. You can set up the volleyball net, an outdoor ping pong table, pool table, or any other fun outdoor game. Include well-selected music to complement the overall party mood. You can hire a DJ for a more exciting experience or plan your playlist a day or two before the party. Keep the music within the necessary limits to avoid diluting the essence of the entire event. Too loud music can attract the attention of the authorities or even disturb your neighbors.



You can have a cool backyard party if you spare some time to plan ahead of time. Outdoor parties can be fun, even on a budget. However, if you are planning on sparing any expense, then you have plenty of outdoor ideas to try out.