How to Upgrade Your Pool

It’s a lot of peoples dreams to one day own a home with a pool. I know that is one of my life goals. My thinking though is, what do you do after you have the home and a pool. Our goals can’t just stop and end there. Many people have pools, and most pools are pretty much the same in my opinion. So what to do next? I know, upgrade the pool and make it unique. Unlike anything else you have ever seen. I like that, this will be the goal after getting the house with the pool. Well upgrade it. I wonder if its hard to upgrade a pool and how crazy can I go? The options are endless.

Where do we start? Well I don’t have a pool yet so I don’t know what it will look like. I know, I’ll just design my dream pool, and since most pools are identical that’s where I’ll start. So what can I do to upgrade it? What I’ll need to do first is decide what I want. Here’s a list of things I would want

  • A Slide – Perfect for everyone. For lots of fun for the entire family on a hot summer day
  • A Cave with a Tunnel – Since I’m already adding a waterfall, I might as well add a cave right. A cave connected to the waterfall and slide. That’s genius.
  • A waterfall – A waterfall is an easy pool upgrade that adds a touch of class and fun. A waterfall looks luxurious and if you have kids, they’ll have a great time swimming under it. If you already have a natural pool, a waterfall is the perfect accompaniment. No kids yet but I want some. Fingers crossed.
  • Exotic Lighting – I Could illuminate my pool from the inside with special LED lights designed for in water use. Having a lit pool will make night swimming easier and give your backyard an added luxury. Love it.
  • Pool Seats – Perfect for the wet pool, plus somewhere to sit and relax without having to get out of the pool.
  • A Wet Bar – Ideal for having a drink on those hot summer days, plus I’m sure it will look nice.
  • Basketball Hoop – I love sports and so do my nephews and nieces, so a basketball hoop would be a hit.
  • Volleyball Net – Since I’m getting a basketball hoop, I might as well add a volleyball net. That’ll be fun for the entire family.
  • Custom Made Pool Floats – Every pool needs to have some pool floats. Why not some custom made made ones to make my pool area more unique and different.

I really want a pool unlike any other one you have ever seen. It could even add value to my home. I think it’s a great idea. These are just goals, might not happen, just goals. We all have to have goals. Why not go all out. All the things on my list are realistic ideas that any general contractor should be able to do. If not, I know there are people who specialize in pools. That sounds like the route to go. I know, this all sounds great. It really does. The only problem is that I need a home first. Soon, very soon. This is the way I will upgrade my pool, once I have one.Atleast I already have the plan all laid out. God bless!