How to Write a Great Work Email

How to Write a Great Work Email

Knowing how to write a professional and properly formatted email for work is very important for making yourself look like an organized and professional worker. This article will help you write the best work email you possibly can!

Step 1: Subject

The subject of your email is the first thing your employer will see when they receive an email from you, and it’s right next to your name. This makes it extremely important to have a concise, informative, and properly worded subject in all of your emails. Your subject should be as short as you can make it while still conveying all of the proper information. It doesn’t have to be completely grammatically sound (as it is often not a full sentence), but don’t make it sound unprofessional either. 

If you’re replying to an email, let’s say an assignment to put a presentation together, start with something like Follow Up: Presentation, or Questions: Presentation. These subjects convey the contents of the email while remaining short and sweet. 


The opening of your email is very important, so make sure to greet your employer or co-worker with the proper salutations. Something as simple as Dear Mr. Smith, or Greetings, can be effective. Be sure to be respectful and cordial, especially if the email is addressed to an employer. Don’t make this line too long, it should be very short so the reader can get to the contents of the email quickly. 


The body of your email is where all of the information is contained. Try to keep your sentences short and professional, and avoid unnecessarily flowery language. The goal of your email should be to convey information effectively, just like your subject and opening. Keep your sentences short, and if the email is long, break it up into multiple paragraphs. This will make the information very easy to digest. Remember, people read many emails a day, so yours needs to stick in their brain. Trim the fat and cut it up into shorter paragraphs so it’s easier to remember. 


To wrap up your email, you need two things. Firstly you’ll need a concluding sentence of some kind at the end of your body. This should summarize the point of the whole email quickly and succinctly, and convey the goal of your sending the email. Something such as I can’t wait to get started, does Wednesday at 9:00 am work for you?  or Noted. I will pass this information on to the others and let you know by tonight works really well. Try to make this line no more than one to two sentences to keep with the conciseness of the rest of your email.

Secondly, you’ll need a signature of some kind. These can vary but include things like: 

Best, [Name]

Warm Regards, [Name]

Sincerely, [Name]

Make sure to include any titles you may hold within the company or group after your name, so people know where the email is coming from. Something like this is perfect. 


John Smith

Senior Associate,

Company X Inc.


Writing the best work email possible will help you in your professional life immensely. It will not only not go unnoticed, but will also help your business function more efficiently and effectively, and make your work life much, much easier. Conveying information quickly and succinctly is absolutely crucial in the modern workplace, so use these tips to make sure your email looks and sounds professional, is easy to read, and can be remembered by your employers and co-workers among the many emails they read every day.