Increasing Popularity of Mobile Gaming in 2020

No one could have predicted that the mobile gaming industry will surpass the PC gaming industry. But, as smartphones became indispensable hand-held devices and people spend over 2 hours on their smartphones on average; hence, it’s unsurprising that mobile gaming is growing rapidly, and it’s estimated that it will take over 50% of the gaming market revenue in 2020. So, what are the main reasons more people prefer to play games on their smartphones than any other device?   

Mobile Games and Mobile-Friendly Sites

There are a great number of free mobile games that can be downloaded to your device in just a couple of seconds. Also, the quality of mobile games is obviously getting better, and you will find a lot of PC games getting their first-class mobile version, including Call of Duty, Minecraft, and many others. What’s more, there are also a lot of sites that are mobile-friendly where you will find an abundance of free games.

Also, there are a lot of mobile-friendly sites where you can play casino games for real money. In fact, as mobile gaming, in general, became very popular, so did playing casino games on mobile devices. Actually, there are many casino sites that offer a vast collection of casino games. So, if you want to play roulette, all you need to do is sign up with reliable casino sites like Casimba, and you will find a a range of roulette games. The main advantage is that you will be able to play on the move for real money.

Affordable Smartphones

Today there are smartphones exclusively made for mobile gamers, which is another proof that mobile gaming is taking off, but you definitely don’t need a ‘gaming smartphone’ to play top titles. Although there are smartphones that are high-end and worth hundreds of dollars, generally, you will find a great range of smartphones that are more affordable and suit your budget. It should be noted that smartphones today have great features, even more affordable models that enable you to have an immersive gaming experience on the move. 

High-Quality Mobile Games

As we mentioned earlier, the quality of mobile games is really superb. Because there are a lot of options available online, and with greater competition among developers, most of them strive to create innovative, first-class games. 

So, you will find a lot of visually stunning games with amazing features. And as a lot of people play mobile games as a way to pass the time, there has been a rise of different games that wouldn’t be otherwise appealing for PC gamers like brain training games, hyper-casual games, memory games, among many others.


It is very likely that the mobile gaming market will continue to outpace the PC gaming market and will attract more hard-core gamers in the future. Another important factor is that there is an increased number of smartphone users. Currently, there are over three billion people worldwide that own a smartphone. Also, technological innovations like Virtual Reality Technology, Cloud Gaming will certainly make mobile gaming even more popular and accessible to a greater audience.