Make Life Easier: 8 Delivery Services You Need Now

At this point, the convenience of at-home delivery services has rendered them a constant of  modern-day shopping. Most everybody has ordered in at some point when exhaustion struck, they ran out of time, or they simply wanted to satisfy their sweet tooth. 


While food delivery may be the first example that springs to mind, there are countless items that can be delivered to your door. Any one of them can make your life easier. Check out these eight home-delivery services you may not have tried yet.

1. Sexual Health Products

The negative stigma around sexuality and sexual health can make it difficult to get the products you need. Something as simple as going to your local pharmacy can become uncomfortable and cause anxiety. 

That’s unfortunate given that sexual health is a necessary part of life. With services dedicated to sexual health, products like dental dams and birth control can be ordered online and received discreetly. Such services often provide prescriptions at low cost, and many also accept insurance. 

2. Grocery Store Rejects

The products you see in grocery stores are almost always set up to look attractive for purchase. But the truth is, food that doesn’t look good can still taste good and be just as healthy for you. A two-pronged carrot or misshapen peppers contain the same fitness-boosting vitamins their more comely cousins do.

Services like Misfits Markets and Imperfect Food focus on distributing these seemingly lower-quality goods so they don’t go to waste. Besides the ease of having them delivered, these products often cost less than their more conventionally attractive counterparts.

3. Cosmetic and Personal Hygiene Products

Whether you’re an eyeliner addict or forget to replenish your razors, automatic delivery ensures you’re fulfilling your grooming needs each month. In this category, services like Ipsy and Dollar Shave Club will send you new, exciting products on a subscription basis. 

Maybe you’re not one to watch YouTube makeup tutorials or await the next skincare launch with bated breath. Even those who aren’t self-care-savvy can stay stocked up and on trend with these health and beauty boxes. These services keep you supplied with all the skin creams, cosmetics, and grooming tools you’ll care to explore.

4. Pre-Chosen Clothing

You might not have the time or money to go shopping for clothes each month, nor may you even know your fashion goals. If you’re not sure how to go about changing up your look, a styling service like Stitch Fix can make choices for you. 

On the other hand, maybe you know exactly which styles suit you best. Perhaps you’re one of those “one in every color” clothing buyers. If you know exactly what you want to wear, you can have that delivered to you also. Either way, these services fill up your closet with little to no effort, eliminating the need to go out and search for yourself.

5. Pet Toys and Treats

A pet is a huge investment, and it’s important to keep your canine or feline loved one happy, healthy, and stimulated. Some dogs and cats, however, can be quite picky with the food that they eat and the toys they play with. What’s an animal parent to do?

Luckily, there are services designed to deliver handpicked toys and treats to your furry friend on a monthly basis. We can’t guarantee new toys will keep your kitty away from your freshly reupholstered sofa. Still, you’d be surprised at the potential savings and the effect on your pet’s happiness each time their box comes.

6. Assorted Teas and Coffees

It’s truly beautiful how many options there are for the passionate tea and coffee drinkers out there. While you can always explore your local grocery store, the sheer variety these services offer means the possibilities are endless. 

That is why subscription boxes like Sips By and Bean Box are so popular — they provide diverse, ever-shifting options for the discerning taster. It’s a great way to keep things interesting each morning without having to go searching for your next favorite blend.

7. Meal Kits

Like restaurant delivery, having meal kits on hand is a convenient alternative to cooking from scratch after a long day. Meal kit delivery services send ingredients for a certain number of meals each week in a single package. They aim to condense the process of planning, buying, and cooking a meal by doing the first two for you. 

When you’re ready to put chow on the table, you only have to open up the kit and follow the instructions. For many, it’s a great way to learn how to cook. 

8. 30-Minute Groceries

If you are cooking from scratch but discover you’re missing an ingredient, you’re not out of luck just yet. For those who live in cities and other highly populated areas, express delivery services are sprouting up all over the world

What once required a last-minute trip to the store can be replenished during the cooking process without delay. These services are designed for smaller grocery runs, making it easy to get just the one thing you want.

In an era of specialized delivery services, you are never far away from a delivery to make your life easier. Whether you need birth control pills or a jar of pickled ginger, nearly anything can be delivered by ordering online. Just make your selections, provide your payment information, and sit back as it makes its way to you.

It may be mind-boggling to think that nearly any need can be fulfilled, any desire sated, all without leaving the house. But taking advantage of these services is as easy as it gets.

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