OCR Technology Significantly Improve Productivity with Artificial intelligence

Optical character recognition is one of the modern techniques that you can find online. Optical character recognition is the technique that can help you change static and digital documents to physical formats that are both searchable and editable. 

With the Ocr technology, one can easily recognize various kinds of text, including types of fonts and handwritten content. 

The OCR technique is used by many companies to increase and automate their workflows, and this is why we would recommend you collect useful information about it. In this article not only, we would tell you about how OCR improves productivity, but we would also tell you about the best ocr online image to text converter tool!

Managing vendor invoices

Invoices are an important part of any modern business. We want you to know that today many companies are still distributing paper-based invoices which makes their management more difficult.

With the help of OCR technology or image to text conversion tools, you can easily shift these paper invoices to digital and editable formats. All the mess of papers can be avoided with the help of managing them on your smart devices or digital platforms. 

You can also get rid of manual searching of invoices and finding information manually with the help of the ocr technology. You can find invoices anytime you want and in just one click. This also increases productivity!

Improving the insurance claiming processing speed

Ocr can make data entry more efficient. You can easily categorize data with this technique quite easily. Insurance claims can be very difficult because of tons of cases coming in every turning day. These issues can become more severe and time-consuming if they are not handled on time. 

You must understand that with the use of Ocr technology, you can digitize your forms and insurance claim requests. This can help you categorize them and simplify them so that you can increase the processing speed. You can use the modern image to text converter applications and tools so that you can get help in this regard!

You can edit pdf files

Another interesting aspect of the image to text converter tools and the ocr technology is that it can help you edit pdf files. Pdf files can be hard to edit, and this is one of the reasons that we recommend you use ocr technology. 

The image to text converter tools can easily help you in converting scanned pdf files to word or text formats. You can easily convert the pdf files and edit them to make sure that all kinds of errors are removed from them. 

This is a very easy process, especially if you have the right resources in your pocket. Editing pdf files using this technology can save you a lot of time and increase workplace productivity.

The best image to text converter tool!

There are hundreds and even more image to text converter tools available on the internet today, but you must hook up with the most workable and reliable one. Lucky for you we have shortlisted the one tool that can help you with the image to text conversion and that tool for free!

Image to text converter by Duplichecker

The free online ocr converter by Duplichecker is among the simplest tool available on the internet today. This is extremely easy to use with no prior experience and skills. Navigate to and get free online ocr. On the tool page, use upload button to grab the images that you need to convert to text. After completing the input of images, you have to select the language in which you want it to be converted and click on the ‘Convert Image’ button right below the input box. This process hardly takes less than a few seconds!

Here are some of the reasons which make this tool unique and recommended!

  • You can convert all formats of images and pictures to text and that tool editable.
  • This is a free tool for which you don’t need to register yourself or provide any personal data.
  • No installation is required with the use of this tool; you need a browser and valid internet connection for the ocr to work.
  • This image to text converter tool provides 100% accurate results. 
  • You can save plenty of time & money with this online program.
  • You can save yourself from not only retyping files but also sorting them and storing them physically!

One can boost business a lot with this ocr or image to text converter technology. Some of the common applications of optical character recognition are pointed below!

  • Law & enforcement agencies use this technology.
  • Banking and insurance companies use online OCR.
  • Healthcare departments also use this technique!