The Difference Between Commercial And Residential Roofing

A lot of people do not know the difference between residential and commercial roofing, however there are many important distinctions between them, from materials required to install it to the level of skill.

If you live in a red deer and if you suspect that you have a roof leak, it is important that you select the best contractors. You definitely want to have the right materials and design for your home in red deer.

You should find the best commercial roofing contractors in red deer. And also residential roofing contractors that are familiar with the difference between commercial and residential roofing. I suggest you choose the “Good Roofer”.

Now keep reading to know the difference between commercial and residential roofing.


The most important difference between residential and commercial roofing is the design.

Commercial buildings are larger in square footage than residential buildings, and the roof has to support greater weight and size of the building. However, residential buildings have high roofs that are easy to install.

It is important for your roofing contractors to be experts in the kind of roofing that you want therefore that you do not end up with the wrong or low quality work.


One major difference between commercial and residential roofing is the selection of material. Roofing materials for commercial and residential roofs depend on the type of roof, climate conditions and price.

Residential roof jobs are limited to materials, asphalt or wooden shingles, tiles, concrete and sometimes it involves the use of solar shingles. Commercial buildings require hard building materials including polyurethane foam, concrete, single-ply, bitumen tar and gravel. 

The Maintenance

Large square footage is covered in commercial buildings; therefore roof maintenance is more important. As an example, you ought to preserve the gutters clean always, especially during autumn and winter when debris can get in the way.

Roof shingles or metallic roofing can begin to crumble over time and in severe weather. You should check up regularly to make sure everything is OK.

Residential roofs are easy to maintain due to their shorter length, however also easy to scan for damage. You can replace any damaged shingles yourself and unblock the gutter if needed.


Finally, slope and materials determine the installation process. A residential roof can be built in 2-3 days with only one obstacle being the roofed fireplace. However, building and assembling a commercial roof can take weeks.

This is because the roof is much larger, the material is greater complex, and they need more time and days for cure, glue, reinforcement etc. Commercial roofing is installed in insulation and the metallic layers.

The membrane roof is made using a combination of nails, heat welding and adhesive. A light, calculated slope is essential to avoid water ponds and allow rainwater to flow directly into the gutters.

Final Words

I hope that this guide will help you differentiate between the two, whether you need a residential or business roof.

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