The Villages Florida: History And Life Style

The boardwalk in The Villages, Florida is lit up against twilight.

The Villages Florida

The villages are located 20 miles south of Ocala in north-Florida and 45 miles north-west of Orlando. Development is widespread in Sumter, Lake and Marion counties.

The closest beach is about 70 miles on the Atlantic coast. St. Augustine is about 80 miles by road from the northeast. Only 40 miles west through the road is Crystal River, famous for its hot Golf waters, natural springs, and manatees.

How Many Homes in The Villages Florida?

According to the latest count, there are 60,000 homes in the village Florida, which covers 32 square miles apart.

History of the Villages Florida

In the mid-1960s, Michigan businessman Harold Schwartz and his friend Al Tarrson, they both were selling landmarks in North Central Florida through mail order. In the 1968s the federal authorities banned this type of business.

It wasn’t until early 1970’s that they were worried about what to do with the vast area they occupied; eventually they decided to build Orange Blossom Gardens, a mobile home park in the northwest nook of the county. After a decade, they sold only 400 tracts of land.

So Schwartz has bought Tarrson and hired his son, H. Gary Morse, to run his business in 1983. Morse studied other successful, retiring successful parties and assured his father that achievement would come only when he offered facilities and several small business ventures.

Schwartz bought large tracts of the land. In nearby Marion and Sumter counties only in three years, because their income has increased, as a part of the town of Lady Lake, it was renamed “Village” in 1992, Morris handed over his property and business to his three children in 2006, and he died in 2014

Lifestyle of the Villages Florida:

Villages consist of houses and villas, including houses and full-time seasonal residents. From low-maintenance one-bedroom to three-bedroom courtyards, courtyard villas, and cottage homes to palaces, designer homes, and three- and four-bedroom premier homes, you can see homes in every style, every size, and every price point in the Villages Florida.

You want a full-time retirement house with a pool prepared for fun with guests and family frequently or a contemporary waterfront seaside house to enjoy the seasonal corridors, you need to find suitable property in the countryside. No worries. Your ideal retirement lifestyle.

Once you move to the countryside, you can see the first thing that is a friendly and sociable feeling. People are walking their dogs, picking flowers, biking newspapers, running, gardening, sitting on the front porch, walking, and stopping to talk to neighbors.

Downtown Area in The Villages

There are three Brownwood Paddock Square, Lake Sumter Landing Market Square and Spanish Springs Town Square. Those areas take the form of themed city squares and are designed as community places in which residents can eat, shop and have fun.

The Villages Have Their Own Media?

Village developers run three media properties.

  • Village News Network, or VNN 
  • The Villages Daily Sun.
  • A Fox News Radio affiliate

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