What Do the Latest Baseball Playoff Results Mean for the Future of the MLB?

There were many people who are very upset with Major League Baseball during the Spring. Even though they knew that the coronavirus pandemic was going to impact their season, they still waited until the last minute to get a deal done. People were criticizing both the players and the owners, as they were thinking only about their wallets instead of about the game itself. As a result, the regular season ended up significantly shorter than it usually is. The typical baseball season 162 regular season games before whittling the results down to 8 teams and heading to the playoffs. Instead, the season lasted only 60 games, presenting a very brief and unfulfilling regular season for the viewer. Now, with the playoffs in full swing, what does this mean for the future of baseball? There are several key points to keep in mind. 

Are the New Rules Here To Stay?

There are many viewers who are wondering if the new rules are here to stay. In order to condense so many games into a short period of time, Major League Baseball had to play scheduled doubleheaders for the first time. There were numerous times that had their games pushed back due to positive coronavirus tests. As a result, they had to make up their games elsewhere. Unlike other sports, where there are days off in between, baseball players are used to playing every day. As a result, they had to play two games in one day. Instead of playing two 9-inning games, they played two 7-inning games instead. There are mixed feelings on the 7-inning doubleheaders and how they might impact Wayne Root picks in addition to the results of games. By shortening these games, the bullpen does not play as big of a role as it usually does. 

Another key point to keep in mind has to do with the extra Inning rules. In extra innings, during this season, the batting team started with a man on second base. The goal of this is to make it easier to score runs and shorten the games. With a condensed season, it was important for baseball teams to try to make efforts to conserve the arms of their players. 

Do the New Rules Actually Shorten the Games?

There are many in and around the game of baseball who are concerned that the game is losing viewers. This comes from the fact that the game is simply too long and too slow and compared to other sports such as football and basketball. Even though the new rules do shorten the game slightly, it is unclear whether they are here to stay. In order to shorten the games, players have to pitch quicker, mound visits have to be reduced, pitching changes have to be reduced, and commercial breaks have to be shorter. It is unclear if all of this is going to happen in the future. 

What Will Happen with Baseball Next Year?

With the current baseball playoffs still going on, it is unclear what is going to happen next year. More than likely, baseball is going to wait until this season is over before they discuss whether or not any of these rule changes are going to be permanent. The hope is that a coronavirus vaccine will be developed in 2021 and fans will be able to return to the stadium. This is important for keeping up revenue in all sports.

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