What Is SMS Marketing And What Are Its Benefits?

In today’s world, people want to communicate in a way which suits them or a way which is quick and convenient and for those people, SMS marketing is the best.

It is basically a market channel like email marketing which allows a business person to communicate with the customers through text messaging.

SMS marketing is very popular between many businessmen and customers due to its convenience. There are many types of marketing messages like promotional messages, sales or offers available for any product, product launches, etc. 

Today, every Real estate agent are using SMS marketing to connect more and more customers quickly.

So, this was all about SMS marketing now let’s discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SMS marketing to understand it in a better way.

Advantages of SMS marketing 

  • Quick –it does not take more than one or two seconds to send a message and that is the same time the person receives the message, this message is read by a person very quickly and this is one of the most important advantages of SMS marketing which makes it convenient for both business persons and customers.
  • Continent – SMS marketing is very convenient for business and customers both because everybody loves their mobile phone and they keep it with them every time, a person can easily touch their own mobile phones. It is basically a part of human life now, it is the best and the most convenient way to communicate for a business to a customer or for a customer to a business.
  • Cost-effective– a huge amount of money is not involved in sending and receiving messages if we compare it with the old ways of communication, there are many packages available in which the calling is free now and it is very easy to buy these packages. If we compare it with the return on investment then it is a very cost-effective option for any business.

Disadvantages of SMS marketing

  • Restrictions – nothing in this world is perfect and the same thing goes with the SMS marketing, there are many advantages of SMS marketing but still, there are some potential disadvantages of SMS marketing for business and people. The messages are restricted to 160 characters. So, it is very important for a business to provide all the information in a few words and disadvantages also for States because they are not able to ask questions or complain about anything in this word limit.
  • New content required – there are thousands of companies who are using the method of SMS marketing that means it is very important for a business to make their content unique and add something new into it. This is a very important and best waste to attract customers towards them.


There are many ways in which businesses are using SMS marketing to provide information about a new product, sale or offer notifications, delivery updates and appointment reminders, customer service and support, etc. There are many platforms of SMS marketing like is very convenient but still if a customer does not want the messages from any company so it is very easy to stop them.