What Is Video Advertising?

Picture this – you come home from a long day of work, you want to wind down and listen to your YouTube playlist and just have a relaxing time. Then BAM! An ad. You rush to hit ‘skip ad’ but it’s the thirty-second video that won’t let you skip. A modern-day horror story!

As much as you did not want to watch the guy talk about sleeping pills or pet food, you probably should listen to him. Just hear him out!

What Really is Video Advertising?

Video advertising utilizes your data, collected from the websites you visited, and the searches you have made in the past. Your interests are the reason you see the ads that you see.

The companies that advertise want to cater to their own special audience…YOU! You are now placed in a group with other people who view the same websites and search for the same things.

Many people tend to view video advertising in a negative light. It’s either them seeing it as a breach of privacy or just an overall inconvenience. This should not be the case, though.

How This Affects You

Companies want to market their products to you to make your life easier. After gathering what you like, they are now able to show you products and concepts that you may enjoy. As much as advertising is always just trying to get someone to buy something, the point still stands.

How many times have you been on social media and saw a book, restaurant, watch, or phone that you actually were interested in? Quite honestly, the answer is probably multiple times.

Video advertising allows users to connect with their favorite companies. After visiting a website, you can now see their ads with coupons, memberships, and new products. This is a better way to shop online because you’re not sitting on your phone or computer scrolling for hours to find the perfect product.

The Method Behind the Madness

Think of video advertising as a concept instead of someone coaxing you to buy something. You help the company gather intel as to who their consumer base is and in turn, you get a selection of products and services that cater to you and your needs.

It truly is amazing how you can do a quick Google search for a product and days later you see the same thing being sold to you before you watch a YouTube video. Now you have to buy it!

The Science in the Advertising

The thinking behind this concept is that if the user can see the product over and over again, it would end up persuading them to buy it. The products are advertised in a way that makes you feel as though you cannot live without it. It’s a mind trick that absolutely works.

The advertisers use this technique to constantly show you the same thing day after day in the form of a person talking to you, coercing you to purchase this product. After learning more about what is being advertised, you’re more inclined to purchase.

The Impact

You see, you would not have done any of this research on your own. You won’t sit at your computer and learn about the side effects of a sleeping pill and its side effects or the organic, non-GMO