What To Drink When You Are Craving Soda?

What To Drink When You Are Craving Soda?

Sometimes all that you want along with your meal is a large, cold coke. Not only is it extremely refreshing but also very satisfying. Junk food meals and soda go hand in hand. Maybe it’s a very sunny day and all that is on your mind is a chilled soda to cool you down. But have you ever thought about how healthy, or rather unhealthy soda is? Even though we all enjoy the odd sprite every now and then, it’s not necessarily the best for us. The tremendous amounts of sugar inside can be considered shocking, but people are not as aware of it, or they can’t find anything to replace it with. An alternative to soda might be a good idea. Keep reading to find out what else you could drink when you are craving soda. 

A healthy tonic: Orange flavor 

Believe it or not, but a flavored sparkling tonic can easily replace a soda, and it might even be tastier. This is not just a sparkly orange juice, it is a well-put-together blend of natural ingredients.

With mandarine and clementine flavors combined, it brings a whole new twist to this drink. The hint of lemon and high amounts of vitamin C make this drink a great boost of energy; it’s definitely something to try as a daily refreshment. 

Strawberry With a Twist

This particular sparkling tonic is similar to a cream soda. Ingredients used include real strawberry juice, fresh lemon juice, and a hint of pink rock salt to add a twist to the classic sweet taste. 

If cream soda is your go-to, this alternative might be a good idea to try. Who knows, maybe you will enjoy it even more and choose to start consuming the healthy alternative! 

Healthy Root Beer

There is also a healthier version of the all-time favorite which is root beer. A botanically based version includes extracts of smooth-vanilla bean, sweet birch, and burdock root. 

Try this alternative and chances are you won’t even taste the difference from the real thing! A great tip is to pair this drink with your favorite ice cream for the ultimate experience. 

Cola 2.0 

Yes, the famous coca-cola drink also has its own healthy alternative. The taste remaining the same, but instead being infused with cinnamon, vanilla, and caramel. 

Tropical Ginger Lemon Tonic

Ginger is often used in both healthy and unhealthy drinks. This soda alternative uses a kick of ginger followed by a refreshing lemon aftertaste and manages to bring together the Caribbean and European spices for a balanced flavor experience. 

Cherry Pie In a Can

This sparkly tonic hits the nail on the head when it comes to achieving the iconic cherry pie flavor. With two different types of cherries used – Tart Morello cherries and Rainier cherries – along with vanilla bean, the dreamy flavor is achieved. 


It might come as a surprise to many, but as it turns out, there are more than enough healthy alternatives to soda. From citrusy to sweet to classic tastes, there must be one to your liking. There is a high chance you will not taste the difference between the real thing and the healthy alternative; matter of fact, the alternative might even taste better! The use of natural, pure ingredients is able to elevate the taste and make the mixture a lot more explosive (in a good way) for your tastebuds to enjoy. No need to wait or search any longer for a soda alternative; or if you haven’t been searching, try it anyway and see for yourself! 

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