Why Having a Passion is Essential to Mental Health

When you think of passions, what comes to mind? You might picture an artist, a basketball player, or an entrepreneur. Painting, playing basketball, and running a business can all be passions, but they only touch the surface. Other passions include a love of people, a sense of urgency to serve others, or a calling to influence children. In other words, your passion could be almost anything. Sometimes, passions can lead us into poor mental health when we aren’t succeeding like we think we should. If that’s you, MyTherapist offers services that may help. On the other hand, our passions can also inspire great mental health by filling us with pride and a sense of purpose. It’s vital to have at least one passion in order to have good mental health. 

Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Few things boost your self-esteem as much as being good at something. However, you don’t always start off being great at whatever you’re passionate about. Take singers, painters, and actors. While many are naturally talented at what they do, many also had to get extra training and practice in order to get really good. Passions also aren’t all about just being good, though. They’re about sticking with what you love and never giving up. Someone super talented is just as valuable as someone who never stops trying to improve and has their heart fully in it. 

Ability to Overcome Obstacles

Where do you turn when life gets hard? The answer to this question will highly influence how well you recover and heal when you’re struggling. Those with nowhere to turn tend to have poorer mental health for longer periods of time. There can be something very therapeutic about picking up a guitar and playing some tunes or heading out to a soup kitchen to serve those less fortunate. Passions will help you get back on your feet when you need it most.

The Key to Happiness

In the simplest terms, passions make us happy. They bring us joy because we’re doing something we genuinely love. Spending your life doing mindless or boring tasks will make anyone unhappy. The key to happiness is finding what you’re passionate about and then chasing after it. It’s not always obvious what your passions are, but as a general rule, those things that make you come alive and feel your best are probably your calling. 

One-Track Mind 

Passions allow us to be fully present in the moment. It takes all the distractions away and requires us to focus on what’s in front of us. If you’re truly passionate about something, you’ll get this one-track-mind type of focus whenever you’re engaged in it.  Similar to meditation and/or mindfulness, having such a clear mind helps our mental health by lessening anxiety and stress. You’ll often forget your worries completely and will finally be at ease to focus on something enjoyable instead of the normal stressors that life brings. 

Before you pursue your passion(s), you have to figure out what they are. To do this, start by recognizing your talents and interests. Is there anything that sticks out or that you especially love doing? Your passions will make you feel like time flies and you’ll never get tired of doing it. If you’re passionate about something but don’t think you’re good at it, that’s okay. Many people need practice before they become an expert at something. The most important thing is that you don’t give up on yourself or your passions. Keep going after your goals and dreams even when it gets tough. It’ll be worth it!

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