Why Your Bath Towels Are Actually Disgusting

Don’t you feel nice and fresh after a long shower?

But what if you are not as clean as you feel?

Have you ever thought about what is really happening in your towel?

You may think your towel is neat and clean, but think back to the last time you washed it. Was it a few days ago? A week ago? If you cannot remember the last time you washed your towel, then it is definitely more disgusting than it looks. In this guide, we will go into the details of why bath towels are actually more disgusting than you think and how frequently you should be washing them.

Right after you shower and wipe your body clean, the dead skin cells, dirt particles, germs, genital secretions, anal germs and etc. transmit into the towel. Since most towels are made of cotton, these particles will be trapped between the fabric’s fibers. This makes your towel the perfect breeding grown for mildew, bacteria, fungi and all the other invisible organisms – believe it or not, your towel is actually pretty gross!

Is This Harmful?

Truth be told, this is not really harmful. But just because it does not have any immediate impact, you should not let these organisms grow in your towel. Doesn’t it defeat the entire purpose of showering in the first place?

These microbes are not harmful to you, mostly because they come from your own skin. However, this is no reason to let them sit and grow, as what seems harmless can easily become harmful if not tended to right away.

However, it can still cause problems, especially if you use the same towel to wipe your face or share it with someone else. While the germs on your body may not really affect your skin (unless the towel hasn’t been washed in months – then you’re definitely going to get a rash!), the skin on your face is more sensitive and reacts to these germs faster. So you may become susceptible to breakouts or just feeling itchy.

How Many Times Should I Wash My Towel?

You need to wash your towel after using it thrice, and that too, after letting it dry completely after each wash. If you hang a wet towel, it will only foster the growth of microbes, which makes your towel pretty disgusting to use, even though you may have used it once only.

However, with the busy schedules we have, most people wash their towels only once a week – and you can’t really blame them for it. In addition, water is becoming a scarce resource in many parts of the world so increasing the number of times you do your laundry promotes an unsustainable lifestyle.

If you live a busy life and just do not have time to wash your towels frequently, or believe in sustainable living and minimize your laundry days, then an anti bacterial bath towel is a great option for you! These towels are perfect for clean freaks as they kill the bacteria before it even grows, prevent odor and dry out quickly, keeping them neat and tidy for weeks at length.

Of course this does not mean that you won’t have to wash an anti bacterial towel. But it will definitely reduce the number of times you do your laundry, without having to worry about wiping yourself with a nasty towel.

Tips To Avoid Getting Your Towel Dirtier

  • Always use a separate towels for your body and the near-genital area to avoid germs from transmitting
  • Ditch the towel – use tissues to wipe your face instead
  • Always dry your towel after showering