Why Your Child Needs a Tie

They don’t call the get up a “suit ; tie” for nothing. The tie helps sharpen the edge of a razor-sharp suit and serves as its heart and center. Its inclusion helps solidify the professional appeal and makes or breaks the look of a good suit. Neckties also affect the impression of others on how much of a professional you may seem to be depending on your choice to include it. It may often be a pain, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find tying the necktie to be the best and most engaging part of putting on your suit!

With that in mind, if you are a parent and want to make sure your son gets ahead in life, it would be best to get him in on the fun early on so he can understand the importance of presenting himself as a professional.

It’s Fun to Learn

What may seem to be a tedious ritual for most men could turn into a fun little exercise when boys ties are done right! It really isn’t that much different from teaching your kid how to tie their shoelaces. Just like how kids learned how to tie their laces by making them into bunny ears and tying them together, you could make it so that your kid thinks of it as taking a snake’s head and tail together (or whatever animals you think would fit) and turn it into a knot. It’ll prove to be an effective way of making it stick.

An Important Skill for the Future

When your boy grows up, he is bound to be going to a few conferences and interviews that will require him to look sharp. The inclusion of the tie is practically common sense when you want to wear a suit. While most men will likely stumble themselves trying to figure out how to tie the necktie properly or just get lazy and decide to slap on a clip-on, you won’t have to worry about that for your kid since, by the time he has to get ready for his first interview, he’ll already be a pro!

Teaches Respect

Seeing a man wearing a suit but no tie will likely give the impression that he may be coming in a little bit too casual and possibly border on unprofessional. That’s not the impression you want your kid to make if he’s going to get a job or have an important presentation. By teaching them to come equipped with a tie, you ensure that he will know how to show the proper level of professionalism and courtesy.

The tie will also help to provide your child with more confidence. It is no secret that how we dress can affect how we feel, so by dressing your child nicely, you can make sure he has more confidence in himself. The tie always completes the best-looking suit, thus ensuring the child’s confidence is at an all-time high, and he’ll know how to maintain that mindset in the future. This will also gain recognition from peers and other adults, which will also grant more respect.


The sooner your child learns of the importance of professionalism, the better his chances are at making a name for himself. They say clothes make the man, and since first impressions are often made based on the attire, this is a saying that couldn’t be any more true. It is vital to ensure that your child understands the importance of presenting himself as a gentleman, which will help him to get ahead in life.