Why Your Pet Deserves a Painting

Everyone knows that our pets are like a part of the family, actually they are part of the family. Some people like their pets more than they do their own families. So why wont you do something nice for your pet that you can treasure forever. You can do something as amazing as a pet painting which is a beautiful piece of artwork that will be with you forever. I loved my pet and I wish I had a beautiful piece of artwork of her hanging in my home.

We all know how important our pets are to us. I’m sure we’ve all lost a pet in the past. Can you remember how bad it hurt? How long it took you to get over it, if you actually ever did. I’m sure you still think of that one special pet once in a while. How could you not. I’m sure the two of you spent and did a lot of great, fun, unforgettable things together. You know, those memories that always bring a tear to your eyes.

On these moments in your life don’t you think back and wish you would have done more with and for that special pet. Do you ever wish you had done more for them? Regretting the things you guys never did together that you should have done. Thinking what it would be like if they were still there with you.

I had a boxer at one point in my life. She was the sweetest thing in the world. Very playful and obedient. Only disappointed me once when she ate my food off the counter that I had just come home with and was really looking forward to enjoying it. That and many other moments we spent I still often think about. Wish all the time she was still here. How much I still need her around. How much she did for me in my life. Also think and regret some of the few things I put her through. She was my best friend ever, She left my life five years ago. Still think about her all the time. What it would be like if she was still here with me, how wonderful that would be. That would be so amazing.

The only thing I honestly really regret is not having more things to remember her by. Like definitely more pictures of her and with her. I think I only have one picture of her and it’s really blurry. The only thing I really have to remember her by is her paw print on a circle piece of cement and a small cylinder with some of her fur with it that I bought from the pet hospital where she passed away.

The other day I saw something really cool that took me back and really made me think about my baby a lot. There’s this company called Crown and Paw and they do something that I think is really awesome. They do nothing but concentrate on pet portraits. What a great idea. I wish I had a good picture of my dog so I could get a portrait done. But isn’t that a great idea?

If you have a pet you love and is part of the family, take a good look at this and try to get a portrait done. At Least take more pictures of your pet just in case you’re in my situation one day and not have to regret it. What a great idea though. Pet portraits, amazing. Simply amazing. Please make sure to always treat your pets as if they were part of your family. Be kind to them, treat them well and appreciate them everyday you’re with them.